Supporting these Charities in 2019

In excess of $1.75 million has been distributed to South Canterbury Organisations over 14 annual Rides.

The 2018 ride provided $153,000 for 7 local Charities and Community Organisations 125 riders raised $153,000 for Hospice SC, YMCA, Alzheimers, Graeme Dingle Foundation, Learning 4U, Riding for the Disabled-Geraldine

Hospice South Canterbury offers special care to patients with life-limiting conditions and support for their families.  We do this in five main ways.

  1. Operation of a seven-bed in-patient unit for patients requiring symptom management (25per cent), respite care (25 per cent), and end-of-life (50percent). This requires a minimum of two nurses per shift, three shifts per day, 365 days a year; plus, counselling staff.  In the last year our occupancy rate has risen markedly.
  2. Day care. Each Monday in our therapeutic centre people with life-limiting illnesses visit for massage, reiki, activities and to simply talk to others in similar positions.  There are tears, there are laughter.
  3. A number of new services started in the last year, including an outpatient clinic, a Better Breathing course, a Carer Skills programme and a Relax ad Revive service aimed also at family members.
  4. Bereavement support for families. During the dying process and for a year after death families are supported by Hospice counsellors and trained volunteers.
  5. A night sitting service in people’s homes, where trained carers go in to allow the patient’s partner to have a good night’s sleep.

All services are offered free of charge to anyone in South Canterbury who meet palliative care criteria.


The Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust helps men and women with any form of cancer through both our individualised and group Pinc and Steel programmes in the South Canterbury region.  There is a huge community need for access to these rehabilitation programmes as there is no public health service or ACC to help rehabilitate after cancer treatment. The Pinc and Steel Trust provides help to those who really need it focusing on improving strength, wellbeing and quality of life.  Medical advances mean more people are surviving their cancer diagnosis and living with long term side effects of cancer and its treatment.    If people don’t get rehabilitated it can affect their ability to work, their families and their physical, emotional and social wellbeing as well as their long-term health.  Extensive research has proven that people who return to an active lifestyle post cancer have a much higher chance of survival.

Life educationLife Education travels all over South Canterbury with a purpose-designed mobile classroom delivering a set of interactive lessons literally to the doorstep of schools - thus ensuring there will not be any barrier to learning.  We travel from the Waitaki to the Rangitata and from Caroline Bay to Mt Cook – and everywhere in between!  This is where the Educators deliver programmes to more than 6000 children from over 60 schools.  The lessons are focused on teaching children about healthy eating, being a good friend, good and bad substances and how their body works. The Educators liaise with classroom teachers to ensure the lessons are appropriate for their learning needs and successful for everyone using an integrated enquiry-based planning model.
MS South Canterbury LogoMultiple Sclerosis provide support, education and advocacy for people living with MS their families and Whanau. Their role is to educate and support not only the client but also the families and extended family, work colleges and the wider community. To foster and encourage the creation of opportunities for people wit MS to participate as fully as possible in all aspects of life.

Funds received would be applied to our operational costs to deliver our various youth development and second chance education programmes.  This includes our Resiliency Toolkit programme, Y-Skills Outdoor programme both of which help develop self-esteem and confidence, leadership and teamwork skills, planning and health & safety skills all of which are useful to themselves and future employers.

family works1
Plunket is an iconic New Zealand organisation, which prides itself in providing services and support to families.  Funds will be used in the South Canterbury area for the continuation and expansion of our Community Services.  First Education and follow up programs, Playgroups, Migrant Group and Music and Movement, The Family Centre and giving people support through there GP’s.  We are   passionate about our services and have unique support programs to this area.
Funds would go towards overheads to enable our rooms to remain open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm to meet the needs of the hearing impaired either directly, through education, disseminating, the provision of goods and services.
As a Branch we are committed to supporting people with cystic fibrosis in our region to maintain an optimal lung function through exercise, in whatever suitable form that may be for each individual.  We support our people with CF by assisting with the costs of gym fees, club subs, exercise equipment, and other various forms that assist people with CF to participate in sport and exercise.  Physical activity and exercise are a proven, successful way to help sustain Lung function in CF as well as being very beneficial for mental health.  We aim to have no barriers to participation in sport and exercise.