Official 2020 Ride Groups

Below are the riders who took part in the 2019 ride
This will be updated with 2020 riders over the next few weeks
Part of a riders obligation in registering for the ride, is attendance at the official training rides we hold
These training rides help organisers determine which Ride Group a cyclist will be best suited to
Which group you will be assigned to will be determined by your fitness level..
Basically we need to know what speed a rider can comfortably ride at for the 120+km's we will be completing each day
After a few training rides, riders will have pretty much sorted out which group they should be in.
The ride groups will then be formalised and posted below. These will be the groups riders will belong to for the remaining training rides and of course the ride itself
Arthur Ballantyne
Brian Bennett
Craig Atwill
Doug Mulholland
Graeme Henriksen
Justine Simon
Mark Baird
Mark Engelbrecht
Mark Joyce
Max Munro
Mick Goodwin
Nathan Adams
Pippa Goodwin
Richard Spackman
Shane Brookland
Stewart Lamb
Wayne Anderson
Aimee Baird
Andy Birch
Barbara Gilchrist
Bryce Kerr
David Keely
David McDonald
Di Jones
Gerard Cody
Joshua Young
Keith Shaw
Kim Young
Les Jones
Neville King
Paul Braddick
Sally Phillips
Scotty Mitchell
Tom Howard
Kim Dwyer
Coilin Willcock
Derek Fowler
Graham Kirke
Kay Kirke
Malcolm Smith
Morrell McFetrich
Paddy O'Reilly
Steve Geddes
Walter Hume
Grant Wilson
Barry Taylor
Bruce Wallace
Catherine Wilson
Chris Henriksen
Denis Murray
Jess Lemmens
John Blunden
John Lemmens
Josh Dondertman
Judy Wallace
Julie Engelbrecht
Liz Munro
Matt Mayo
Mark Wilson
Peter O'Connell
Alan Kelly
Peter Murphy
Allison Sparham
Andrew Smith
Andrew Watts
Anne Lemmens
Brent Richardson
Cherie Pierce
Cheryl Coombs
David Codyre
Gary Burtenshaw
Graham Geddes
Peter Sutton
Phillip Clapham
Rebecca Allnutt
Robyn Arnold
Sarah Bates
Trish Blunden
Vicki Wong
Wally Leferink
 Jo Willetts
 Josie Teahan
 Maree Foxcroft