Official Training Rides 2019/20






    You can download a training calendar here    
       Start 9am  
 13/10/19 Timaru Motor Raceway Falvey Rd, Timaru    
 27/10/19 Phar Lap Raceway Timaru-Pleasant Point Highway Entrance 4 hrs Min 40k
 10/11/19 Southern Trust Centre Morgans Rd, Timaru 4 hrs Min 50k
 24/11/19 Southern Trust Centre Morgans Rd, Timaru 4 hrs Min 60k
 8/12/19 Cave Common opposite Shop 4 hrs Min 60k
 5/1/20 St Andrews On Bluecliffs Rd near school 4-5 hrs Min 60k
 12/1/20 Phar Lap Timaru-Pleasant Point highway entrance 4-5 hrs Min 70k
 19/1/20 Pleasant Point Pleasant Point Carpark 4-5 hrs Min 70k
 26/1/20 Geraldine Between camping ground & domain 4-5 hrs Min100k
 2/2/20 Temuka Timaru-Pleasant Point highway entrance 4-5 hrs Min100k
 9/2/20 Southern Trust Centre Morgans Rd, Timaru 3-4 hrs  
The minimum km for each ride is just that. Some groups will at times be riding 80-120km, so please do not come to a training ride expecting to do only the minimum

Participants must attend at least 3 official training rides

  • You can download a training calendar here
  • All riders must complete one training ride before Christmas
  • Failure to comply will result in your entry being withdrawn from the ride
  • Any deviation from this will be at the sole discretion of the Ride Co-ordinator
  • All riders to be at the venue by 8:45am ready for a 9am start. This timetable will be strictly adhered to
  • A Committee Member will be in the vicinity of the Charity Bike Ride trailer – register with them before each ride
  • In fairness to everyone, please be on time.
Ride times vary from 2-4 hours pre-Christmas. After Christmas, they will be extended and may be up to 6 hours
Bring plenty of food with you e.g. banana, snack bar, sandwich etc. Water is supplied by the support crew.

Rider Fitness

Part of a riders obligation in registering for the ride, is attendance at the official training rides we hold
These training rides help organisers determine which Ride Group a cyclist will be best suited to
Which group you will be assigned to will be determined by your fitness level..
Basically we need to know what speed a rider can comfortably ride at for the 120+km's we will be completing each day
After a few training rides, riders will have pretty much sorted out which group they should be in.
The ride groups will then be formalised and posted online here. These will be the groups riders will belong to for the remaining training rides and of course the ride itself
Don't rely on official training rides to get fit for the ride, you must have training progam of your own in place.
Many riders meet for unofficial training rides at various times including evenings and you are welcome to join them when you can. A full list of these 'unofficial training rides' will be posted regularly on this page.
Individual fitness for the Ride is the responsibility of each rider taking part