Part of a riders responsibility when registering for the ride, is of course to raise money for our chosen charities.
Riders must each raise a minimum of $500.00 in sponsorship - Many riders raise far in excess of this!

Riders accomplish this in a number of ways

  • Organising Various Fundraising Activities
    Such as Quiz Nights, Car Washes, Rideathons etc. etc.
    Riders can choose to fundraise on their own or join in with other riders on various activities.
    We have a dedicated page here for ideas and confirmed fundraising activities
    Riders also post fundraising activities on our Facebook Check them out and support where you can
  • Approaching Businesses For Sponsorship
    Although we have set sponsorship packages for business willing to donate $300+, many businesses are more than willing to donates smaller amounts. So it's just a case of getting on yer bike and asking around!.
    For businesses willing to sponsor riders for $300+, we have a sponsorship form that must be completed & sent to the organisers. It contains important information about the sponsor we use to advertise them while on the ride.
    It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure this form and any associated sponsor logos etc. have been passed onto the ride organisers

Sponsorship Form

Riders requiring an official Sponsors Form can download one from here
Once filled out please post or email to the organisers (details on the form itself)
Please ensure it is filled out correctly and any company logos, email addresses, and website addresses are included. It is important that any company logos are in electronic format (jpg, png, psd, etc) for printing on jerseys and our website.

Get Sponsors names and Logos in early

There are two print runs of Ride jerseys
The first jersey run with sponsors names must be in by January 4th 2019
The second jersey run with sponsors names must be in by January 31st 2019
Note: Please do not receipt Sponsors until you have had a confirmation email from Marge our sponsorship coordinator, confirming the money has been received.

Receipt Books

Once you have registered for the ride an information pack and receipt book is posted to you.
Please receipt all money received and bank as soon as possible – Bank account details are inside receipt book.
Closer to the ride, we have an evening at the Grey Way Lounge at the Phar Lap Raceway when riders will hand in their receipt books and any unbanked monies.
A newsletter will be sent out closer to the time letting everyone know date and time etc.
If you can't attend the "weigh in" please let Chris know to make other arrangements to hand in your receipt book.