For the safety of all riders, cycling etiquette MUST be followed
  • Cycle Check:
    Have your cycle checked by a reputable Cycle Shop before the ride.
  • Stay Alert:
    Most accidents happen when there are lapses in concentration.
  • Courtesy:
    Have consideration for fellow riders and other road users.
  • Speed:
    Maintain the speed of your group, if you fall behind make sure the message is passed to the front rider.
  • Communicate:
    With others in your group. call and point if you see hazards e.g. pothole, gravel, road kill...
  • Be Predictable:
    In your actions. Maintain a steady line and avoid braking or changing directions suddenly.
  • Stopping:
    When stopping, move right off the road and out of the way.
  • Don’t Ever Look Behind:
    Remain focused on what’s ahead, particularly the wheel in front.
  • Drafting and Rotating:
    The lead allows the group to work more effectively, travel faster and use less energy.
    Always watch what is happening and listen for instructions.
  • Group Leaders:
    Always follow the instructions of your Group Leader.