It's All About Raising The Money!

fundraisingAs we all know, the aim of the Charity Bike Ride is about raising money for local South Canterbury Charities. And as we also know, raising that money can sometimes be difficult.

In addition to the $220 registration fee each rider pays to cover their ride expenses they must each raise a minimum of $500.00 in sponsorship for the charities

If you have an idea for an activity but aren't quite sure....please contact Chris by email with your ideas and she will help with advice.

Already got something in the pipeline?

If you've already organised a fundraising activity, let Chris know as soon as possible with the relevant details.
She will include it in her blog, this page of the website, any upcoming newsletters and also post to our facebook pages.
Or feel free to make your own post on our facebook with all the details.

Also, if you're struggling with sponsorship, flick Chris an email and she may be able to hook you up with a team of others looking for help with their fundraising efforts.


Its all about getting the word out!
If people don't know, they can't support!



    • Business Sponsorship
    • Movie nights
    • Travel nights - good speaker, photos etc.
    • Sausage Sizzle
    • Cheese Rolls
    • Firewood
    • Car Wash
    • Section Cleanups
    • Window Washing
    • Lawn Mowing
    • Wind Trainer - sponsored for time

If you have any other ideas that could be added to the list please don't hesitate to contact Chris