Multiple Sclerosis provide support, education and advocacy for people living with MS, their families and whanau. Their role is to educate and support not only the client but also the families and extended family, work colleagues and the wider community. To foster and encourage the creation of opportunities for people with MS to participate as fully as possible in all aspects of life.


Heart Kids New Zealand is the only organization that provide lifelong care for all affected by a congenital heart defect (born with) or who have acquired heart disease during childhood.

Heart Kids South Canterbury believe that no child, teen, adult or family affected by a childhood heart condition should travel the journey alone or unsupported.

We are there every step of the way, our practical & emotional support is vital.

We have been supporting local families for over 20 years with a travel subsidy to Starship Hospital, hospital gift bags, welcome home packs, ante natal & bereavement subsidy, school holiday – teenage get togethers, CPR courses, national camps, parents to conference, information packs, family support worker, murmurs, newsletters & Christmas party

There is no prevention or cure for a congenital heart condition

Once a heart child, always a heart child

Most importantly all money raised locally stays local

child restraints

South Canterbury Child Restraints and Rentals, main purpose is to have child/baby car seat/ restraints available for all families to hire, these are available on a long or short term hire, we also have qualified technicians who provide advice and support to ensure that a child/baby car seats/restraints are correctly installed in vehicles.

We are based in Timaru were we have a weekly drop in clinic for families to come for advice and hire of child/baby car seat restraints and our committee is extending our services and to provide regular clinics to the wider South Canterbury region.

As it is a legal requirement to ensure all babies and children are in a correctly fitted and safe in Child/baby car seat restraint while traveling in a vehicle our team aim to provide advice and support for all families and caregivers in the South Canterbury area.


YMCA South & Mid Canterbury’s mission is “Investing in the Next Generation”.

We’ve been youth centric in South Canterbury since 1917, with our programmes and services focused on three key areas:

  • Youth & Community Development – Nurturing the potential in young people;
  • Education & Training – Supporting people to reach their full potential, geared primarily to those who have disengaged from mainstream education;
  • Employment Services – Addressing barriers that prevent people from working, and supporting them into permanent sustainable employment.

The Central South Island Charity Bike Ride has generously supported the YMCA over the last four years.  For this we are extremely grateful!

This coming year we have embarked on a new community initiative that aims to “open doors” and deliver “community connectiveness” to those living in our community most in need.

This new community initiative is the provision of Y•Drive Community Driving Instruction Scholarships to support people with the opportunity to obtain a driving licence, irrespective of socio-economic circumstances.  Holding a driver’s licence provides social and community connectiveness and creates a better chance of securing permanent and sustainable employment.

So your support of the YMCA to “open doors” for those most in need in our community is greatly appreciated.


Hospice South Canterbury offers free health care services to everyone in the district with a life-limiting illness. These services range from a seven-bed inpatient unit in Timaru, therapeutic days in our Community Cottage, an Outpatient Clinic, Better Breathing and Carer Skills education programmes, a night sitting service in patients’ homes, education courses for health workers, Relax and Revive sessions for patients and family, biography writing and counselling and bereavement support.

Hospice has been operating for more than 30 years in South Canterbury and interacts with more than 200 patients and their families each year. Its philosophy is holistic, catering not just for physical needs, but also the emotional, spiritual, social and psychological needs of patients and families.

graeme dingle

“The Graeme Dingle Foundation Canterbury believes that every society owes every child the conditions to thrive, belong and contribute meaningfully. We help Kiwi children and young people develop mental fitness and resilience through self-belief, so that ultimately all of our young people know that ‘what they have inside is greater than any obstacle’. Graeme Dingle Foundation Canterbury delivers the Kiwi Can programme to 723 students every week at six schools in Waimate, Makikihi and Timaru. The schools are Bluestone, Timaru South, Oceanview Heights, Makikihi, Waimate Main and Waimate Centennial.”

family works

Presbyterian Support South Canterbury has been supporting people in South Canterbury for more than 100 years. We support older people and those with disabilities through our Enliven services and children, young people, and their families through our Family Works services.

Family Works is a child centred and family-focused social service, providing a wide range of services to support children and families in our community.

From counselling and social work support through to parenting programmes, we work alongside families as they face challenges and support them to flourish.

Family Works helps whānau/families to be:

Safe – children and young people feel secure and protected

Strong – whānau/families have the resources and skills to face challenges with hope

Connected – people feel supported and included in communities

Family Works are delighted to be a recipient of the Central South Island Charity Bike this year and support the amazing work that they enable across numerous charity and community organisations.

Funds that we receive this year will be used to provide play -based therapy interventions with individual children that have very specific needs.  Many children will benefit from play-based therapy, including children who have experienced significant trauma and/or abuse/neglect, and children who struggle to express themselves verbally.


Timaru Riding for the Disabled is a non profit organisation founded in 1972, providing opportunities for anyone with a disability to enjoy safe, stimulating, therapeutic horse riding and horse related activities.

Riding is an enjoyable form of healthy, outdoor exercise, and an exciting, challenging and motivating activity.

Riding activities are designed to encourage participation and the development of individual abilities, with specific goals designed for each rider within the general fields of therapy and rehabilitation, education and sport and recreation, which have significant therapeutic benefits.

We currently have around 30 riders in the South Canterbury region, and around 50 volunteers who support us. We currently offer four sessions a week during the school term.

RDA does not receive government funding and relies on our own fundraising activities which includes applying for funding grants, sponsorship and fundraisers. Each rider pays a subscription fee to ride.