Countdown your training days left until 2024 Ride!

Training Rides

Every Rider must complete at least 3 official training rides before the event. At least One of these rides must before Christmas. This is to ensure that everyone is put in a ride group that will match their fitness levels and capabilities. Ride groups can change and are up to the discretion of group leaders to make the decisions around this.

Official training rides are held every second Sunday before Christmas and Every Sunday after Christmas. The rides will range from 3 hours – 6 hours long and are in different areas around South Canterbury.

Attendance to training rides is important to ensure you are in the correct group and so that riders can get used to riding in a group setting and get to know each other. Riding in a group is very different than riding alone. Support vehicles will be present on all raining rides to ensure your safety and give drivers a chance to learn more about each rider’s abilities and needs during the ride.

Safety Tips

Listen to your group leader: Our leaders are there to ensure that everyone is safe during the ride and to help with any problems you may come across.

Teamwork: Riding in a group means that you need to work as a team and all be aware of each other at all times.

Communication: Giving verbal cues is key to successful group riding, calling “changing” when moving around within the group, “slowing” when you or anyone ahead of you has slowed down, “standing” if you are standing to stretch, “road kill”, “gravel”, “pothole” when there is any hazard on the road ahead of you. Using arm signals when making these calls will help your group to know what is going on and where to look for any potential hazards.

Move off the road when you are stopped: Remember we are sharing the roads with the public and need to ensure that we are keeping ourselves and the public safe. Moving off the road any time that you are stopped means that traffic can pass by safely and that you are not putting yourself or the other riders in any danger.

Ride one or two across: Never ride more than two abreast. Always follow the lead and instruction of your group leaders and stick as close to the left side of the road as possible.

Support drivers:  At no time are the riders to pass the front support vehicle on the ride.